Cost of Scouting

Cost of Scouting

Membership with the Boy Scouts of America is a prorated national fee.

All members, leaders and Scouting units (packs, troops, teams, posts and ships.) pay an annual registration fee. The renewal process is called “rechartering.” Joining fees are prorated to match the recharter month for each program. Annual Scouting unit Registration fees at rechartering time are:

  • $24.00 for each adult and youth
  • $12.00 per Boys’ Life subscription
  • $40.00 per unit for Unit Liability Insurance Fee

The community, including parents, supports Scouting through the United Way, Friends of Scouting enrollment, bequests, and special contributions to the council. This financial support provides leadership training, outdoor programs, council service centers and other facilities, and professional service for units.

Other costs are shared by a combination of the sponsoring organization, the Tidewater Council, the greater community, units (through fund-raisers), as well as parents and youth members.

The boy is encouraged to pay his own way by contributing dues to his unit. Units also obtain income by working on approved money-earning projects.  If the units do not raise enough, there can be costs for outings and events.  In addition, there are uniform and supply (books) costs, although some units have programs to pass on some of these supplies.