Recruitment Photos

Recruitment Photos

Pack 374 Rocket Into Scouting Event

Pack 374 recently held a recruiting event using our Rocket Into Scouting theme and launched bottle rockets.

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Scout Ready

Pembroke Mall – September 17, 2016

We obtained more than 50 leads of youth interested in Scouting.  Those leads were being relayed to units the week of September 19th.  Special thanks to staff members Sam Kowalski for his work on this event.  Also, thank you to all the volunteers who helped and to Pack & Troop 364 and Pack & Troop 375 who had tables.  Thanks to Chris Savoie for the use of the pinewood derby track.

Scout Ready -2 Scout Ready -1 Scout Ready -6

Scout Ready -7 Scout Ready -8 Scout Ready -5 Scout Ready -3


Portsmouth Law Enforcement Protection Day

Kroger Marketplace – September 17, 2016

Portsmouth Law Enforcement hosted Protection Day at Kroger Market Place on Frederick Blvd, Saturday, September 17th.  There were booths about health and safety.  The Fire department bought out one of their trucks.  And Scouting participated in the event with the opportunity to learn to tie a few knots.



Red Mill Elementary

Pack 14 recruitment at Red Mill Elementary School.

Red mill recruiting event

Norfolk Back to School Rally

Norfolk Scope – August 27, 2016